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January 12, 2013
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Frank's POV:

The first thing I noticed when the Way family walked in through our door was that one of the brothers was incredibly cute. He was exactly the kind of boy I dreamed about; dark haired, not too tall, dressed in tight, black jeans and with eyeliner applied thickly and masterfully. Unfortunately, in my experience, all dream boys are either taken, straight or don't exist. And also unfortunately, this boy looked like the kind who was taken or at least wanted by many…

"Donna, Donald, how good to see you!" my mother gushed, stepping forwards and embracing both Mr and Mrs Way.

She turned to the two boys. "And these must be the famous Way brother's I've heard so much about!"

Dream boy smiled and held out a hand for my mother to take.

"I wouldn't say famous so much as infamous," he laughed modestly, "But yes that would be us. I'm Gerard and this is Mikey."

I'll be honest, I laughed louder and longer than any of the adults just so Gerard would look at me, even if it was only to raise an eyebrow.

"You are so funny," I gushed, trying to imitate my mother.

Gerard tilted his head to one side, his jet black hair brushing his shoulders. "Uh… thanks."

Our parents had lost interest in us and were making their way to the living room, locked in casual conversation. Mikey just stood to one side, looking kind of out of it and that left me and Gerard standing face to face (or rather face to chin in my case…).

"Hi, so, I'm Frank." I breathed.

Suddenly, the perfect, dimpled smile slid off Gerard's face.


He turned away from me, towards his brother and grabbed his hand.

"Why do you always stand here like an idiot?" he snapped.

Mikey shrugged, barely listening to Gerard and Gerard sighed dramatically, tugging his brother towards the living room.

My heart sank. What. The. Heck. Happened. To. My. Dreamboy?!?

Right before entering the living room, Gerard turned his head to one side to look at me and my heart lifted again.

"You coming?" he sneered.

I stared for a second at his hand, which was roughly holding Mikey's and smiled cheekily.

"Only if you hold my hand," I purred, stretching my hand, palm up, towards him.

For about a microsecond, I thought Gerard was going to wrap his elegantly long fingers around my short, calloused ones. But instead he just rolled his eyes and kept walking.

"Dream on," he tossed over his shoulder.

I didn't follow him straight away. Instead, I stood alone in the hallway, gathering myself. The more he rejected me, the more I wanted him. Why did I always go for the ones that were hard to get?

But already I knew that trying to convince myself to let him go was futile. He was in my house, within my reach. And I knew no matter what, he was going to be mine by the end of the night…


Half an hour later, I was beginning to doubt that.

We were all still in the living room. Gerard was engaged in an apparently riveting debate with my dad, waving his hands in a totally adorable way to stress his point. My mom was in a three-way conversation with Mr and Mrs Way. And Mikey was staring at a wall and muttering something under his breath. (I'm not an expert lip-reader but from what I gathered, he was talking to his imaginary unicorn friends called Candyfloss and Unis…)

And me? I was well and truly bored. I was sitting between the Way brothers, staring at my lap and trying to send telepathic messages to Gerard. The only good thing was that my thigh was pressed up against Gerard's and he wasn't moving it away. Interesting.

Finally, my mother realized that I was bored to tears and politely interrupted both her own conversation and my dad's to talk to us. Way to go mom!

"Frankie dear, why don't you show Gerard and um…" she carefully focused her gaze away from Mikey's heated argument with himself and looked back at me and Gerard, "Show Gerard your room?"

I immediately sprang to my feet, "Sure thing mom!"

Gerard stood up as well, back to his polite-boy act for my parents. "Of course Mrs Iero, that would be great."

My mother beamed. Poor, easily-deluded adults…

Nonetheless, Gerard did follow me upstairs and didn't stop his alluring smile until we were inside my room.

As most people did, the first thing he noticed was the glass tank in one corner of my room, where Destry (my turtle) lived.

"Is that a…?" Gerard said in an even voice.

"Uh-huh…" I replied, watching him carefully.

To my utter surprise, Gerard dropped to his knees, put his face right up close to the glass and let out an adoring "aaaawwww!"

"Do you mean me or the turtle?" I asked coyly.

But when he turned me again, his face was fixed in a scowl, "The turtle, dimwit."

I frowned but was still determined not to give up on my conquest for love.

Dropping down next to him, I slid up unnecessarily close to Gerard, until our cheeks were practically pressed against each other. This time though, he moved away.

"Get off me you freak!" he hissed, getting quickly to his feet.

I stood up as well, "I'm not on you. Yet." I purred smiling in what I hoped was a flirtatious way.

Gerard blushed and crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes narrowed.

"Take one step closer and I swear, I'm leaving."

I considered this for a moment.

"Then I guess I'll just have to chase you down," I smiled, blowing him a kiss.

Gerard glared, challenging me.

I took a step closer.

With an annoyed grunt, he made a run for the door but I grabbed him by the belt before he could make it through. He struggled against me but for once in my life, I was stronger and with an almighty heave, I slung him messily onto my bed where he promptly slid off the other side.

While he shakily got to his feet, I closed the door and leaned against it.

Neither of us said anything for a moment. Finally, Gerard broke the silence.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You're such a freakin' nutjob!" he snapped.

I pursed my lips together, "At least I'm not a jerk."

"You would be if you were in my position," Gerard shot back.

"Try me." I challenged, walking over to my bed and sitting down.


Gerard slumped weakly onto the other side of the bed, facing away from me, and buried his head in his palms.

"I'm trying not to have a huge and obvious crush on you but you're making it so damn hard," he moaned, his voice muffled by his hands.

I was taken aback. "You… what?"

I scrambled off my bed and ran to the other side, crouching on my tiptoes until my face was next to Gerard's.

He peeked at me through parted fingers and then brought his knees up to his chest, ducking his head again. But I saw the deliciously scarlet blush that painted his cheeks before he could hide it.

"Why on earth do you not want to have a crush on me?" I asked softly, daring to lay a gentle hand on his leg.

Gerard recoiled.

"Because I know my mom told your mom that I'm gay and she probably told you too!" he said in a small voice, "And I'm sick of assholes breaking my heart for a laugh!"

"So you're telling me," I said slowly, "That you're gay and have a crush on me?"

Gerard moved his head up and down, finally moving his head away from his knees.

I smiled my most easy, un-altered smile; a huge grin that showed all of my teeth.

"Well, what a coincidence," I whispered, cupping his face in my hands, "I happen to be gay and crushing on an adorable boy too."

And I leaned into his slightly rosy, tearstained face and kissed Gerard Way then and there. He didn't pull back. Quite the contrary, he kissed back twice as hard until I toppled backwards and he fell on top of me.

Laughing shyly, Gerard helped me to my feet and we both sat on my bed. With a sly smiled, I pulled him onto my lap, even though he was taller than me, and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"This could have gone a lot more smoothly if you'd just told me you liked me in the first place," I sighed, closing my eyes as he rested his chin atop my head.

"I could say the same to you," he whispered, and I felt the vibration of each syllable in his throat against my forehead.

I smiled and didn't reply, just listening to the steady beat of Gerard's heart. It slowed and slowed until after a while, his breathing became deep and steady and he fell asleep, right on my lap.

I lay him on the bed, lying down next to him and wrapping my arms around his vulnerable looking body.

"Goodnight Gerard." I whispered, kissing him on the cheek.

I fell asleep to the rhythm of his soft breathing.


Omniscient Narrator:

About an hour later, Mrs Way and Mrs Iero, laughing like old friends, came up the stairs to call their sons for dinner.

But as soon as they opened the door, both became quiet, not wanting to wake their sleeping boys. They both smiled adoringly and Mrs Way turned to Mrs Iero.

"Aren't they adorable, cuddling like little angels?" she sighed.

"Yes, I told you it would work," Mrs Iero whispered back.

The mothers quietly turned off the light and shut the door, stepping out into the hallway.

"Isn't it wonderful? Gerard has had his heart broken more times than I can count, I'm so glad he finally found someone," Mrs Way whispered.

Mrs Iero nodded eagerly, getting a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, "Yes, and you know what's even more wonderful?"


"They still have their clothes on."
A prompt from :iconsuperturtle31:
Word: Belts, cuddling, turtles
Sorry it took so long to write but i kept starting and restarting and deleting and "editing" but well, I hope you enjoy the final version!
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