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“Play dress-up with me!”

Gerard turned around with a start, dropping his hairbrush as if it were on fire. He turned a deep crimson at having his little brother catch him singing in front of the mirror.

“Mikey! How many times do I have to tell you? Stay out of my room!” he hissed, brushing his shaggy black hair out of his eyes as casually as he could, considering he’d just been screaming into his hairbrush.

“Play dress-up with me!” Mikey repeated.

He thought for a moment and then added, “Please?”

Gerard rolled his eyes, his face turning back into its normal, pale color, “Mikey, Frank is coming over in like an hour. And anyway, I’m sixteen, there’s no way in hell I’m playing dress-up with you!”

The seven-year old stuck out his lower lip, his glasses sliding to the end of his nose.
“I’ll tell mommy you said a no-no word!” he threatened.

Smiling patronizingly, Gerard ruffled his younger brother’s hair, “See if I care.”

He grabbed Mikey’s shoulders and prepared to haul him out of the room but then Mikey said something that made him stop dead.

“I’ll tell mommy you’re a homo-se-shu-el.”


Gerard dropped to his knees and forced Mikey to look him right in the eyes, “What did you say?!”

Mikey smiled sweetly, “I’ll tell mommy you’re a homo-se-shu-al.”

Gerard’s jaw dropped. How the hell…?

Quickly, he scrambled to his feet and stuck his head out the door to make sure his parents weren’t in the hallway. Then he remembered; they went out to dinner. Thank god.

“Where did you hear that?” Gerard hissed, turning back to his little brother.

“I heard you say it to Ray on the phone. You said “I think I might be homo-se-shu-al,”” Mikey said proudly, “And then you said you loved Frankie. I heard you!”

Gerard blinked incredulously. Then he fell to his knees again and clasped his hands under his chin.

“Mikes, listen to me,” he said pleadingly, “You must never, ever, EVER tell ANYONE I said that okay? Not mom, not dad, and especially not Frank. You got that?”

Mikey grinned and Gerard felt a rush of anger. How could the tables have turned so quickly? One moment Mikey was begging him to play dress-up and the next, HE was begging Mikey not to spill about him being gay.

“Okey-dokey,” Mikey said sweetly.

Gerard heaved a sigh of relief.

“But only if you play dress-up with me!”

Gerard groaned. Of course. His seven-year old brother could already outwit him. Perfect.
He glanced worriedly at the clock, knowing he had to say yes. If not, then he would be in deep shit.

“Fine,” he said reluctantly, “But only for half an hour! Then I’m out.”

Mikey jumped up and down and squealed with pleasure and Gerard rolled his eyes. It wouldn’t be too bad he supposed. Frank (and anyone else) would never know.  If Gerard played dress-up for half an hour, he’d have plenty of time to hide the evidence before Frank showed up.

“Let’s go kiddo, half an hour,” Gerard said, hustling Mikey out of his room and closing the door behind them.

Mikey laughed joyfully, obviously up on cloud nine, and then skipped into their parents’ room.

“Hey Mikes, where are you going? Your room is that way,” Gerard said, surprised.

Mikey stuck his head out the door and grinned, “My clothes won’t fit you. C’mon.”

Gerard groaned but obediently followed his brother into the room, “Mikey, I don’t think dad wants us borrowing his clothes.”

“I know. You’re borrowing mommy’s clothes.”

Gerard stopped in his tracks, his mouth open as Mikey pushed open the door of his mother’s walk in closet and gestured to the rows and rows of dresses that hung on the racks, patiently waiting to be picked up.

“You’re kidding me right?” Gerard spluttered.

The seven-year old shook his head forcefully, a glint in his eyes.

“You said,” he began, meeting Gerard’s eyes without hesitation, “that you would play dress up with me. You’re gonna be the mommy. Or else.”

Gerard opened his mouth to tell Mikey he could go screw himself but then he remembered what his brother had over him. Goddamnit. He closed his mouth, gritting his teeth and nodding just once. He was afraid if he tried to say anything, he might involuntarily bite Mikey.

Mikey smiled triumphantly and walked in to the closet, looking from left to right to try and find a suitable dress.

Meanwhile, Gerard crossed his arms over his chest and glanced up at the wall clock. Twenty-five more minutes of this. Great.

His eyes fell upon his parents’ bed. Hmmm… if he picked up a pillow and smothered Mikey, would anyone know? Gerard was just reaching for one of the pillowcases when Mikey called to him.

“I found one Gee, it’s perfect!”

Gerard’s hand quickly dropped to his side as Mikey ran out carrying something sparkly and blue in his hands.

He held it up for Gerard to see and Gerard’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.
“You have got to be joking!” he spluttered.

Clutched in Mikey’s little hands was a very short, very sparkly, strapless blue mini-dress. Gerard highly doubted he would even be able to get into it!

Mikey pursed his lips, “Fine. Then I’ll just tell Frankie that-”

“Oh, give it here!” Gerard snapped, snatching the horrific item of clothing from his brother’s hands.

He marched angrily to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Mikey waited patiently.

After spending an agonizingly long time trying to pull the zipper up himself, Gerard finally gave up and opened the bathroom door, awkwardly holding his jeans and t-shirt in one hand and holding the dress up with the other.

“Zipper,” he said coldly, turning around so that Mikey could pull it up.

Mikey grinned like an axe-murderer as he locked his brother into the dress. Although Gerard obviously had no bust, the dress fit him quite well; curving around his hips and making his pale legs look even more feminine than usual.

“You look funny,” Mikey giggled.

Gerard whirled around, blushing angrily, “Well what do you expect? This thing doesn’t even cover my underwear!”

He tugged on the hem of the dress to prove his point and indeed, it stopped about halfway down his boxer-shorts.

Mikey tilted his head mischievously to one side, “You could always wear mommy’s underwear.”

Gerard blinked.

“You are one messed up kid, you know that?”

Shrugging, Mike turned back into their parents’ bedroom, “Now make-up.”

“What?!” Gerard groaned, following Mikey as fast as he could in the tight dress.

“Jeezus…” he muttered to himself, pulling the skirt southward for what already felt like the billionth time.


Twenty minutes later, Gerard’s transformation was complete.

He stood in front of the mirror in his room, looking himself up and down, while Mikey rolled on his bed, howling with laughter.

The way-too-short dress was still way too short. His make-up made him look like a slut. The dark blue heels that Mikey had found were way too high for him. And his bangs were neatly brushed over his eyes.

Sighing, at how much of an idiot he looked, Gerard told himself to calm down.

Everything was going to be okay. He’d play with his brother for about five more minutes and then he’d go back to normal. He’d wipe off the make-up, get rid of the dress and heels, maybe mess up his hair and bam, Frank would never know he’d played dress-up with his kid brother.

“You look silly,” Mikey commented, out of breath from his laughter.

Gerard turned to him with his “you-don’t-say?” face and Mikey stuck out his tongue.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s just get this over with before Frank-”

Gerard was cut off by the doorbell.

“Oh no. Oh God no,” he panicked.

Nearly tripping over his own feet, he ran to the window and looked out of it. But his fear was confirmed; Frankie had arrived early and he was still dressed like a woman.

“Aren’t you gonna get that?”

Gerard turned around slowly, incredulously until he faced his brother. Mikey smiled evilly.

“You wouldn’t…” Gerard whispered, narrowing his eyes.

Mikey’s smile just grew wider.

For a moment, neither of the Way brothers moved.

“Mikey…” Gerard growled, getting ready to tackle his brother to the floor.
But he was too late.

Mikey took off at a sprint into the hallway and Gerard chased awkwardly after him, nearly falling down the stairs.

By the time the older of the two reached the bottom of the staircase, Mikey already had one hand on the doorknob.

“No! Mikey, don’t open that door!” Gerard pleaded, “I’ll do whatever you want… I’ll… I’ll only eat bread for the rest of my life! I’ll call you master for as long as you live! I’ll never draw again! Just don’t open the door!”

The doorbell rang again and for a heartbeat, Gerard thought that Mikey was actually going to help him out for once.

Yeah, right.

With a wicked smile, Mikey opened the door just as Gerard took a step forwards to stop him.

Frank, who looked like he was about to ring the doorbell for the third time, stopped and smiled for a second when he saw Mikey.

“Hey Mikes! I came a little early, I hope that’s okaaaaaaa…” Frank trailed off, mouth wide open, when he laid eyes on Gerard, “Oh my god… Gerard?!?”

Gerard wished he could sink through the floor. He couldn’t help the flaming blush that took over his cheeks but he tried to smile casually nonetheless, as if wearing a way too short dress and heels was perfectly normal.

“H-hey, Frankie, what up?” he stammered as nonchalantly as he could.

“Why are you dressed like a whore?”

Gerard flinched and any hopes of playing it cool flew out the open door.

“I…I just… I mean…” he stammered.

“We were playing dress up!” Mikey chimed in.

Frank arched an eyebrow.

“No!” Gerard immediately protested, “We were not playing dress-up Mikes, I told you, I’m too old for that!”

Frank looked confused, “Then why are you in drag?”

Gerard opened his mouth and closed it again, several times. He tried his best to think up an excuse but his brain wasn’t functioning properly because he was in such panic.


Frank was suddenly grinning and Gerard could not imagine why.

“Oh, I get it!” Frank chuckled.

“You… do?” Gerard stammered.

Nodding, Frank winked at Gerard and then turned to Mikey.

“Listen Mikes, I want to play dress up with you okay?”

Mikey's eyes lit up and he nodded happily.

“Good,” said Frank, “But before I can play, I need you to go up to your parents’ room and get me a special tie that I know your daddy has alright?”

Again, Mikey nodded.

“It’s red and green with flowers on it. Can you go find that for me?”

“Yeah!” Mikey cheered and took off up the stairs as fast as his legs would carry him.

Gerard swallowed as his brother disappeared into his parents’ room to search for what Gerard suspected was a nonexistent tie. And now he was alone with Frank, who looked kind of like he was going to burst into laughter at any moment…

“You’re a closet cross-dresser aren’t you?” Frank snickered before bursting into laughter.

“I’m a what?!”  Gerard protested.

But Frank was doubled over in laughter, tears streaming down his cheeks. He was definitely not going to answer.

Huffing angrily, Gerard crossed his arms and turned away from Frank, feeling humiliated and a little hurt that his friend could turn on him so easily. Especially since Frank was the reason that he was doing this in the first place.

Eventually, Frank stopped laughing and straightened up, “Oh come on Gerard, don’t be like that.”

Gerard stared at the floor, his cheeks ablaze. He still would not look at Frank.

“Gerard…” Frank said in a voice that Gerard had never ever heard before.

A voice that sent a shiver of want up Gerard’s spine…

Suddenly, Gerard felt two hands wrap around his waist and nearly pick him up.

Instead, he sort of stumbled and half-walked, half-was-dragged by Frank into the guest bedroom next to the stairs.

“Frank!” Gerard complained, slapping Frank’s hands away as soon as he had regained his balance.

Frank closed the door behind him and turned to Gerard, just drinking in his looks. Gerard licked his lip-glossed lips nervously.

“You look…” Frank started.

“Shut up!” Gerard snapped, ducking his head from the certainty that Frank was about to insult him.


Gerard’s head snapped upwards, “What?!”

He was just in time to catch Frank bite his lip seductively before the shorter boy surged towards him and pushed him back against the bedroom wall. Gerard squeaked as Frank grabbed his shoulders and turned him around, until his chest was pressed against the wall. Frank held Gerard’s hands behind his back and Gerard squirmed, trying to get out of his grip.

“Frank, what are you…?”

“Shh…” Frank mumbled, his mouth against Gerard’s neck.

Gerard let out an involuntary moan and the feeling of Frank’s lips brushing his skin. He stopped struggling.

“I’ve always thought you were gorgeous Gerard Way,” Frank muttered, “But I have to say, today, you look stunning.”

Gerard just nodded, turning his head so that his cheek was pressed against the wall. His eyes met Frank’s and recognized the same lust-filled look he got whenever he thought of Frank.

“So… you like to play dress up, huh?”

Frank bit Gerard gently on the neck and the taller boy nearly melted.

“Uh…huh…” Gerard muttered helplessly.

Frank smirked and released Gerard’s hands, and slipping one of his own up Gerard’s dress, feeling the silk of his boxers, “Well that’s fine with me. But you know what I like better?”

Gerard shivered with pleasure, ecstasy nearly paralyzing him.

“W-what?” he managed to stammer.

With soft kiss on Gerard’s cheek, Frank brought his free hand up to the dress’s zipper.

“Dress off.”
So this is a very cliché, very cheesy kind of silly thing i wrote a while back but didn't upload... it's kinda similar to one i did before but also not :P 
So yeah, hope it's not to dumb!
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